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Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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Step 1 - Find SMULE Performance

Access Smule Website. If you have smule account you can login or just search for artist and/or songs that you want to download. Make sure you click on SMULE performance until you got same appearance like this :

Step 2 - Copy and Paste URL

After you got SMULE performance that you want to download, copy the URL Address. Paste the URL at the form and click generate button. Example of URL :

Step 3 - Download VIDEO/AUDIO

You will get 1 Audio only link and 1 or 2 Video link. Click on the link and skip ads if theres any ads and you will get your smule performance, now all you have to just press CTRL+S or click File - Save to save your smule performance. Your download link will directly from SMULE website not from our sites


Q : What Is Smule ?

A : Smule is an American mobile app developer headquartered in San Francisco.The company specializes in developing social music-making applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. One of their Apps is Sing! Karaoke, where user can sing their favourite songs and collaborate with other users or with original artists and simulate a live streaming video. When you collaborate with others it is feels like both of you live streaming video but its actually a recorded video. Even other people that saw a collaboration video will feel its like a live streaming video between two singer.

Q : Is this site affiliate with smule ?

A : No, this site not affiliated with smule. We only provide link generator to download smule performance

Q : Do you save any of URL we submitted ?

A : No, we don't save any URL at all. please check our privacy policy for more details

Q : Do you save any video/audio from smule performance ?

A : No, we just generate links for you to download. All links came from smule official sites, we do not download any video/audio to our server

Q : Do you have recommendation for best android media player ?

A : For android media player we recommend :

  • MX Video Player, you can download this media player at Playstore
  • VLC For Android, you can download this media player at Playstore

Q : Do you have recommendation for best pc media player?

A : For PC Media Player we recommend :

  • VLC Media Player, you can download this media player here
  • KM Player, you can download this media player here
  • Media Player Classic-Home Cinema, you can download this media player here

Q : I found a bugs, have some ideas how can i contact you ?

A : just send an e-mail to info AT, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible

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